Employers FAQ's

How much does it cost to place a pharmacist through the Pharmaceeka website?

Absolutely nothing - it's FREE! Pharmaceeka was set up to avoid the high costs and restrictions imposed by pharmacy locum and employment agencies. There is no charge to any staff sourced directly through the Pharmaceeka website.

What are the options for finding a locum or staff using Pharmaceeka?

There are three main ways you can source locums and pharmacy staff using Pharmaceeka.

These are to:

  • Advertise jobs on the Pharmaceeka website for pharmacists and pharmacy staff to view and apply for.
  • Search for a suitable candidate and contact them directly using the 'Candidate Search' function which can be refined according to geographical location, type of job and also position type.

Who is Pharmaceeka and why are they a better alternative to other options?

The Pharmaceeka website was originally set up by Dougal Hunt as a means for pharmacists to easily find work and pharmacy owners to easily find locums and pharmacy employees. “As a long-term locum I was continuously frustrated at not being able to freely see exactly what work was out there without the barrier of agencies. Having learnt that pharmacy owners looking for locums and other staff also felt this frustration lead me to setting up Pharmaceeka”.

The current structure with agencies does not allow both pharmacy owners/managers to find and communicate with pharmacists looking for work. Pharmaceeka is designed to break down these barriers between the two parties. This then allows pharmacy owners to register with the website in order to find staff without having to incur prohibitive the costs or agency fees.

If you have any questions not covered below feel free to contact us for more information.