Employees FAQ's

How much does it cost to register with Pharmaceeka?

Nothing! You are able to register for FREE and create a profile, search jobs, create job alerts, contact employers and apply for positions all for free.

What is the best way to find work with Pharmaceeka?

The best way find work is to first set up a profile with Pharmaceeka that will impress any prospective employers and best highlight your traits as an employee. After setting up a profile with Pharmaceeka you will be able to search through all the currently-listed jobs and directly contact the employer with any questions you may have regarding the position and also apply for these jobs if it's what you're after! The best way to attract prospective employers is to have a complete and verified profile which also contains details about the type of work/location etc. you are looking for.

In order to make sure you get the right kinds of jobs in the right areas you can also set up job alerts that will automatically send jobs or shifts directly to your inbox on a daily (or weekly) basis that match your specified criteria of job type, position type and geographical location. You can also improve your prospects as a locum by encouraging previous employers to provide feedback to your profile for other employers to view.

Who is Pharmaceeka and why is it a better alternative to other options?

Pharmaceeka was originally set up by Dougal Hunt as a means for pharmacists to easily find work and pharmacy owners to easily find locums and pharmacy employees. “As a long-term locum I was continuously frustrated at not being able to freely see exactly what work was out there without the barrier of agencies. Having learnt that pharmacy owners looking for locums and other staff felt the frustration on the other side of the ledger lead me to setting up Pharmaceeka”.

The current structure with agencies does not allow both pharmacy owners/managers to find and communicate with pharmacists looking for work. Pharmaceeka is designed to break down these barriers between the two parties. This then allows pharmacy owners to register with the website in order to find staff without having to incur prohibitive costs or agency fees and also allows pharmacists to register in order to see what work is available with full disclosure of information on what jobs are available at their convenience.

I do not want my current employer to know I am looking for alternative work, what should I do?

You are able to register with Pharmaceeka and set your profile to 'hidden' which will allow you to browse jobs, apply for jobs and communicate directly with job advertisers without being viewable to any other parties. If seeking work through the Pharmaceeka Agency we always maintain utmost privacy and confidentiality and do not communicate with employee's current employers without first obtaining the employee's consent.

Who will see my details on the website?

Only pharmacy owners/managers who are registered with Pharmaceeka are able to view any information within your profile. No other registered job seekers nor non-registered users are able to view any of your details. If you choose to, you are still able to use the website without ANY of your details being viewable if you like - you can simply switch your profile to 'HIDDEN' and your name nor profile will turn up anywhere. Setting your profile to 'HIDDEN' will however mean that you may miss out on work as you will not be viewable to be approached by pharmacy owners/managers. Having a 'HIDDEN' profile will still enable you to view and apply for jobs and if you choose to do so your profile WILL be viewable to the advertiser receiving the application. 

Do I need to fill out all the details in my profile?

No, however this will greatly disadvantage you when applying for a position when competing against other candidates. An employer will be far more likely to take an applicant based on a complete and accurate profile rather than an incomplete one. 

How do I get my profile verified?

You will need to either email, post or fax a copy of your photo ID(driver's licence, passport), your AHPRA registration and PDL insurance(pharmacists) to us before your profile can be verified which will vastly improve your profile to prospective employers. Please see contact details.

I no longer want to use the website - what should I do?

If you are going into a full-time roll and no longer want to be contacted for work through Pharmaceeka, you can either:

(i) go into your profile and switch it over to 'Hide Profile' which will mean you are still able to use the website as normal but you will not be viewable to any prospective employers searching for staff

(ii) contact us by either email or phone and we will have your profile deleted for you.

If you have any questions not covered below feel free to contact us for more information.