How To Use Pharmaceeka

If you are unsure how to use any particular aspect of the Pharmaceeka website please see our quick 'How To' guide below or feel free to contact us if you are unable to solve your problem.

- Create/Edit/Delete a job: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'Job Manager' > 'Create a Job' or select to edit or delete any current jobs

- Search for a candidate: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'Candidate Search' (enter refinements as required)

- View candidate applications: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'Candidate Applications'

- Add/Edit/Delete a pharmacy into your profile: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'Pharmacy Details' > 'Add New Pharmacy'/'Edit'/'Delete'

- Contact an employee: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'Candidate Search' > Select candidate and send them a message from this page

- Request a locum or other staff through Pharmaceeka agency: 'Employers' > 'Request a Locum' OR From the home page you can click on the 'Request a Locum' icon

- Provide feedback on an employee: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'Candidate Search' > (find candidate) > 'View' > Enter feedback at bottom of page

- Search for a job: Select 'Job Listings' from the drop-down menu with the appropriate job type OR select the appropriate icon from the homepage icons. Refine search as required

- Apply for a job: 'Login' > 'Job Listings' > (click 'View' on job) > Apply For This Job > Fill out any applicable details and click 'Apply'

- Create/Edit/ Delete a job alert: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'My Job Alerts' 

- Hide your profile from view: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'My Profile' > 'Hide Profile' or 'Show Profile' (automatic default is set to 'Show Profile')

- Contact an employer/advertiser: 'Login' > 'Job Listings' > 'View' selected job > 'Contact This Employer'

- Change your profile: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'My Profile' > 'Edit Profile'

- Reply to a message: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'My Profile' > 'Inbox' > 'View'/'Reply'

- Change your password: 'Login' > 'My Account' > 'My Profile' > change password and save

- Delete your account: Please Contact admin

If you are unable to work out how to use any aspect of this website covered in the explanations above or have any questions please feel free to contact us for more information.